Friday, August 7, 2009

Fashion Friday: Oscar + LiT = Fabulous

Usually with Fashion Friday, LiT compares colors, patterns and shape. Very rarely do we come across an outfit that looks as if it was made out of the same fabric as the shade. However in this case the similarities are so, well, similar it's crazy!

Cameron Diaz, the modern style icon that she is, wore this beautiful Oscar De La Renta dress at the Women in Film-Lucy Awards ceremony. Now look at the white and red digital burn-out pattern by Maharam, which Dawn so expertly dressed this shade in. Notice the resemblance? .

Clearly Oscar and Dawn were on the same wave length or in this case fabric length (I love puns). You too can be on the same wave length by coming into LiT and seeing what LiTshade will match your favorite outfit.

*Today is the final day to get your lamp picture in for the LiT lamp makeover. Email your picture to Dawn at lit


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