Friday, July 31, 2009

Fashion Fridays: Beat the Heat and Feel the Breeze through Tuuli

It’s a heat wave in Seattle! Since when has Seattle ever been this hot?! The only thing to do is head for air conditioning, a big icy vodka tonic or meet some one with a pool or a boat...good luck with that.

However, if you can’t find any of the above, close your eyes and try to remember back to spring when the cool breezes were blowing and the new leaves were just popping out of the buds on the trees. Do you feel the breeze? I know it’s a stretch but what might make it easier is this Marimekko Kaiku fabric from the Finnish import store Tuuli on 1st avenue. They not only carry cooling fabrics, but clothes, house wares and collectibles as well as shades by LiT, made using Marimekko prints.
Now, go put on your smallest sundress-don’t worry, people will understand in this heat-get in the car turn on the air conditioning as high and possible, and head down to Tuuli. Believe me, looking at this fabric, especially illuminated by LiT, will keep you cool.

*Remember there are only eight, yes 8 days, left until the contest ends for the lamp-revamp!

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