Friday, June 5, 2009

Fashion Friday: individual Style

"Fashion is general. Style is individual." -Edna Woolman Chase editor in chief, Vogue 1914-1952

Edna Woolman was an intelligent women, something that we at LiT think very highly of. Another thing we think highly of is individual style. Welcome to another "individually" different Fashion Friday and as you are reading this I'm in Vietname being an "individual" -blonde, curvy, white girl, one of these things is not like the other.
It is this difference between culture and individual style Chase spoke of, that perfectly sums up what custom means. What personal style can bring. At LiT, we bring personal style to life everyday through lighting.
Fashion is so much more than trendy clothing, the perfect "little black dress", or the latest rendition of the espadrille sandal. Fashion is really style, an inspiration that has taken form in function. Style transforms the wearer from: shirt+pants=clothed, to boat neck washed out tee+high waisted navy pencil skirt=beautiful.
Here at LiT we often look to fashion to inspire us. We look for lines, patterns, shapes that we think will translate beautifully to lighting. Here is an example we ran across that made us stop and pay attention, like a white girl in Vietnam. Line and the unexpected. Layers, textures, positive and negative space- hmmmmm ideas are forming...
Stay tuned to where we go from here, from inspiration to creation and more about my trip to Vietnam.

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