Friday, April 24, 2009

Fashion Friday: Closet Redux

Hello, Fashion Friday fans. I have a head cold, which is probably the worst thing you can have on an amazingly sunny day like today. What's worse is when I tried to get dressed this morning, none of my clothes looked at all desirable which then made me not only wish my cold would go away, but that I had a entirely new wardrobe. Neither one seems to be in the stars for today. A cure for the common cold has yet to be discovered, but a cure for the common wardrobe, is easy with a few simple tips.

This week's fashion inspiration comes not from the great fashion houses in Milan and Paris, but from our blog peers at We Wear Things. Here, a simple grey tunic was placed over a white cotton skirt, to increase length, and coupled with a pair of super cute grey platforms, voila! the dress went from drab to fab in a matter of minutes.

This same redux was done to this Hollywood Regency lamp. With the simple addition of the grey linen LiTshade with a gun-metal grey interior and finished off with the slight sparkle of a gold finial you give a tired lamp, whole new "shade" appeal.

There you have it, now spend the weekend revamping your wardrobe and your house. I will be in Portland, ideally getting over a cold and doing a little tax free shopping. Does it get better than that…tax free shopping? Until next week

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  1. aw thanks so much for the mention!! great blog! and i do hope you get well soon!