Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Just like snowflakes, no two LiT shades are alike! (unless you order a matching pair, then they are really pretty close....)

A couple announcements;

Dec. 19th will be LiT's final day open before Christmas. We will reopen Jan. 5th. If you need to meet during the time we are closed, call my cell and we can set up a private meeting (206.818.4101).
The new space! I do believe Jennifer and I found the space we will be moving to yesterday! Be on the look-out for the re-opening announcement and look forward to what I'm sure will be a fantastic party!
Rewires: Starting in the New Year, LiT will be offering re-wire of old lamps as a service ONLY to customers having a custom shade done. We are sorry to not be able to offer this as a walk in or wholesale service, but with the shipping costs and costs of manufacturing and metal up so high, it really isn't possible. Basic rewires start at $45-50 depending on the size of lamp and number of sockets. Remember, we are flexible and custom so don't be affraid to drop in and ask for an estimate.

Hope this finds you all eating sugar cookies and drinking spiked eggnog. Merry Christmas and let's hope for a little magic snowfall....

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