Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lithograph shades by Kirillov

Light pours out, cascades down; lavender, nectarine, petal pink paper faces. Each surface printed with multiple arrangements of hand carved block prints of cityscape's, bridge spans, wheels and waterways.

Kirillov, a Russian born artist, too young to be "set in his ways" but with the mastery of materials seen in veteran artists, twists and sings cut paper and printed images to life. Breathing a strange and beautiful landscape full of layer and dimension onto a flat piece of handmade paper.

LiT is honored and excited to work with Kirillov in bringing his paper pieces into the lighting world. To take his cities and bridges and turn on the street lamps and create function where high art already exists.

Pendants, layered shades, and custom options available at http://www.litshades.com/ or visit our store at 314 Occidental Ave S, Seattle WA, 98104.

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