Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Have rewires and more rewires to do today. This will entail me using pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and one lovely wrench. Undoubtably I will create a great mess and lament about how nothing ever stays tidy for very long.

The printer is a real eyesore. It needs to go back in the cabinet.

The computer on the other hand is new, new, new and glints and glimers while trying very patiently to work well with me. The mechanical marvel is named Lawrence, he loves CSI and the old series Beauty and the Beast staring Linda Hamilton and Ron Pearlman.

Here is a prose piece we wrote together this morning before getting to the rewires...

Summer skips and stomps.
A rollercoaster, over long before you are ready.
September comes as pockets are emptied,
pried into, hoping to find the last few tickets for one more ride.
The shouts and squeals of glee clip in the air
that has turned brisk, rather than balmy.
Shoulders straighten and heads gain a steady ground,
feet follow the gait of passers by,
moving more swiftly, less leisure in each step.
Ferris wheels hush, the corn stops popping,
feet move by memory on ruts run smooth,
moving home, comming back to the constant and familiar.
To the comfort and clarity of a season that starts
not on the death of another,
but the top of your mouth, the tips of your ears,
the pit of your stomach.
A day marked not by time, but the memories of all the times before.

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